Compact Treatment Solutions


Atlanta Pure Water has used its many years of experience in the water and wastewater treatment industry to develop and manufacture complete and compact treatment systems.

Compact treatment solutions are prefabricated water and wastewater treatment plants with a variety of treatment processes intergrated into a single design. This modular approach provides the user with a compact, easy to operate, and cost-effective system.


  • Lower cost of pre-engineered, prefabricated structures
  • High quality construction
  • Easy and quick transportation to customer's site
  • Quick and simple onsite installation
  • Small footprint and space requirements
  • User friendly - low and easy maintenance
  • Automated process monitoring and control
  • Long service life

APW compact systems can be delivered either as mobile (i.e. on wheels, trailers, dollies, etc.) or as fixed-base units; skid-mounted or packed in steel shell containers. The units can be either self-contained with their own power source or powered by external sources.

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