Drinking water 

Drinking Water Plant Small

Drinking water clear water is one of our most important natural resources. 

Atlanta Pure Water specializes in complete water treatment solutions for producing drinking water from fresh water to sea water. Expanding population, quick urbanization, growing industry, and aging of water sources create the need for effective treatment solutions to reach high quality potable water.

Available water sources:

  • Surface water — rivers, lakes, channels, reservoirs
  • Ground water — wells and deep wells polluted with nitrates, iron, magnesium, or other contaminants
  • Brackish water
  • Sea water


The treatment of water for drinking purposes combines technologies such as:

  • Membrane technologies (reverse osmosis, ultra- and micro- filtration, submersible membranes)
  • Deep bed multi-media filtration
  • Activated carbon adsorption
  • Sedimentation and settling
  • Separation
  • Disinfection
  • Odor and taste control
  • Fluoride removal from potable water supply
  • Iron removal
  • Water softeners