Industrial Process Water

process water3

The need for purified water is common to most industries. Atlanta Pure Water offers integrated treatment and purification systems to supply the quality of water needed from practically any source. 
Atlanta Pure Water addresses the various kinds of water usages for different industries: Process water with different characteristics, treatment of viscous liquids with a wide range of pH values, water for cooling systems, heat exchangers, boilers and steam production. Using a powerful combination of various treatment technologies:
  • Filtration

  • Oxidation

  • Settling

  • Activated carbon adsorption

  • Membrane technologies

  • Ion exchange

  • Softeners
  • Iron removal

We serve the industry with tailor-made solutions for:

  • Microelectronics and semiconductor industries

  • Biotechnology

  • Pharmaceutical industries

  • Power generation stations

  • Breweries and carbonated drink plants

  • Dairy industries

  • Sugar mills and refineries

  • Vegetable and fruit canneries

  • Oil refineries

  • Chemical industries

  • Steel industries

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