"DECA" Clarifier


The APW "DECA" Clarifier is an automatic hydraulic device, specially designed
to accelerate reactions through methodical recirculation of the precipitates formed by the flocculent and influent water. The "DECA" Clarifier operates continuously to provide the required effluent water quality.

The water to be treated, mixed with flocculent, enters the DECA Clarifier through a venturi type on-line flocculator placed in the bottom of internal (reaction) chamber. The up-stream flow of flocculated particles over close to the top to the intermediate cylinder chamber. This way the liquid is forced to flow downward precipitating heavier particles. The sludge deposited in the settling chamber returns to the reaction chamber by induced flow. The resulting sludge enrichment allows rapid flocculation and formation of the dense precipitate. The conical floor of the unit helps the sludge slide toward the ejector for recirculation. Concentrated sludge is collected at the bottom hopper and is periodically released to drain. The effluent flows over the truncated conical collector into the intermediate tank for further treatment.
The "DECA" Clarifier has no moving parts.


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